If you develop web sites, you need to be doing usability testing. It is that simple.

Internet users are accustomed to being able to figure out how to use a website quickly. Most of them will not take the time to figure out a site that is not usable.

Usability testing is a technique used to evaluate a product by testing it with representative users. In the test, these users will try to complete typical tasks while observers watch, listen and takes notes. Your goal is to identify any usability problems, collect quantitative data on participants' performance (e.g., time on task, error rates), and determine participant's satisfaction with the product.

ImpactQA usability experts play the role of representative users and get involved as early as design phase and help find usability issues before they get coded. The earlier these problems are found and fixed, the less expensive the fixes are. What they look for is:

  • How do users interact with the web site?
  • What is difficult for people to do?
  • Where do they get lost?
  • What makes sense to them?
  • What makes them feel distrustful or insecure?
  • What do they like and what do they hate?

Usability for mobile apps



The success and popularity of your mobile applications is directly related to how usable it is. But instead of focusing on usability throughout the software development life cycle, many mobile app developers only give it proper attention after some bad App Store reviews have hit the market. It is thus important that you bring a usability expert on board and get your app tested. Our mobile app UX experts can provide quick feedback as your app is being developed.

We're a small modern web design & developing company. You're an experienced Project Manager / Web Tester / Virtual Assistant. You got serious proven project management skills, an excellent communicator, with an exceedingly high design / end user focus and out-standing eye for detail. We'd also consider if you've got SEO skills favourably too.

You'll be working with our team internally, as well as contractors externally. Access to various devices for testing including screen sizes ranging 13" to 27", iPhone 5, iPad + Android devices will be required to complete testing adequately.

Tell us about yourself, your experience, if you have accessed the devices mentioned above and everything you think is wrong about this post. Lets Talk!