Because of rapid mobile technologies expansion, there is a gap between the complexities of mobile applications and the complexity of employed testing techniques. To bridge this gap ImpactQA provides comprehensive mobile application testing solutions for various devices like iPhone, Android phones, blackberry, iPad etc. Following are the various services offered under the ImpactQA Mobile solution. Testing is customized to suit specific needs of the customer:


  • Installation via App-Store: Check if we are able to install Native applications via App Store (e.g. AppStore (iOS), Market Place (Android), AppWorld (Blackberry).
  • Check application behaviour with pre-installed applications on device.
  • First time launch behavior: Check application behavior when it’s launched for first time.
  • Un-installation: Check un-installation process and confirm all the files related to application are removed from the devices.

GUI & Usability

  • Portrait & Landscape: Check behavior in Landscape / Portrait mode
  • Interface: Check for the Pop-ups, layouts and alignments, etc.
  • Interaction: Check for Multi touch, Tilt behaviour.
  • Text visibility in selected language, navigation between screens and verification of functionality online/offline.
  • Real World usage: Check applications on various devices in real world situation such as usage using single hand.

Functional & Localization

  • End to End testing: Check complete application functionality.
  • Service Provider testing: Check if application is specific to a carrier.
  • Localization testing: Check for functionality for that local language (Spanish, French etc.)
  • Interrupt testing: Check on behavior of applications if we receive Calls, SMS, Low Battery, Calendar Alerts etc.


  • Application compatibility with firmware versions, device models.
  • Application compatibility with Browsers (default, 3rd party).
  • Phone Device features (Flip, Slider, Camera, Holster, etc.)

Non Functional Testing

  • Mobile application Performance testing using Emulators, Device clouds
  • Checks on server connection changes to Wifi from 2G/3G
  • Application response time, code optimization for the CPU Cycle, battery consumption, memory leaks, resources like GPS, Camera etc.
  • Mobile application Security testing using code Reviews, Forensics, Static analysis, etc.
  • Encryption/Decryption techniques used for sensitive data communication
  • Checks for access to file saved in the app by any unintended users

Benefits of ImpactQA Mobile Testing:

  • Define most efficient mobile strategies and goals
  • Reduce application testing cost and accelerate time to market
  • Improve end-user experience of mobile applications
  • Improve quality of applications by providing more robust coverage
  • Test more within budget and help meet product deadline