Software Testing, they say ‘is an art’ and you have to have a knack for finding defects. At ImpactQA almost everyone has mastered this art and strives to become better at it with every day that goes by. Our people are passionate about what they do and although the testers are tagged as fault finders we are also a bunch of fun loving people

Our Testing solutions are based on innovative methodologies that manage business and IT risks and deliver predictability as an attribute. In response to the changing Testing environment, ImpactQA provides practical solutions, increased focus on risk analysis and management input, more information on test infrastructure and improved descriptions of test design techniques.

Years of experience in the software testing space has enabled ImpactQA to build expertise across a range of technologies and verticals and offer clients a range of sophisticated testing services. Enterprises can leverage ImpactQA's software testing experience to verify and validate the effectiveness of the applications they deploy and thereby get the best value for their technology investments. ImpactQA's testing portfolio comprises of four key offerings listed below.