Selecting an engagement model is a crucial aspect of developing the outsourcing plan. The process involves several factors, including aspects of international business strategy, selecting the geographical location, understanding the landscape and deciding on the outsourcing strategy. We work with our customers in tandem to help identify the engagement model that will best suit them. Some of the engagement models are:

Incremental Outsourcing

Organizations can mitigate their risks of outsourcing by dividing the work into small, more manageable projects that they outsource to service providers. Managers at the client organization therefore have well defined deliverables, programs that work under an umbrella contract with associated schedules. The location of the work is determined on a project by project basis.

Total Outsourcing - Onsite/Offshore

In this model, multiple projects and programs at the client organizations are outsourced to ImpactQA. We also take on the end-to-end program management and delivery on behalf of the client. We manage the project, module or program for our clients, deploy a small team onsite that works with the client managers and teams and coordinates work with the offshore team that does the bulk of the work .Typical models range from 20-25% onsite to 75-80% offsite.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

ImpactQA details the minimum level of service SLAs to be provided. This helps both parties in the long term. Some examples of the type of SLAs that we have in place with our customers are:

  • On time delivery - agreed dates from the outset on all major deliverables. We use change control processes if these dates need to be moved.
  • Client Satisfaction - periodic surveys to be conducted by customers to make sure that the service provided by us is satisfactory to our customers.
  • Effectiveness - effectiveness metrics that focuses on lowering costs, improving profit, and quality
  • Sensitivity - sensitivity metrics measure the amount of time required for an outsource company to handle a request.
  • Resource Availability - guaranteeing 100% availability of services and resources