Establishing a centralized QA function in an enterprise involves a landscape with multiple vendors, close coupled systems with significant interdependencies, heterogeneous mix of technologies, architecture platforms, products and bespoke applications. A test consulting strategy which can help the customer devise and deploy end-to-end V&V governance, strategy and testing processes that enhance the effectiveness of the V&V function and ensures test process improvement within the organization is much sought after. ImpactQA as a test consultant and an experienced testing services provider recommends clients a V&V strategy which envisions a complex integration mechanism with varied interfaces to establish communication and connectivity through

  • Test Strategy and Governance
  • Test Process Crafting and Implementation
  • Test Process Automation and Technology Solutions
  • Test Point Solutions

ImpactQA’s Test Consultancy service offerings bring in key focused solutions for high availability, scalability, and ability to quickly recover from disasters to keep the systems and applications operational as it forms the blood line to support day-to-day businesses distributed across multiple locations.

ImpactQA’s consulting team is focused on creating value driven solutions for our customers. While software testing is becoming more streamlined to cut on extra cost and ensuring superior quality, we believe there is lot of scope for creation of value driven solutions which will decrease cost while ensuring improvement in quality. We believe in innovating new ways of creating value by:

  • Ensuring superior software quality
  • Reduction in Cost of Quality (CoQ)
  • Continuous value creation

Our Capabilities

  • Test Consulting Assessment and Recommendations
  • Due Diligence and Solutioning
  • Proficient in standard models – ISO, IEEE, TMM, TPI and CMMi
  • Exposure to Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Securities, Retail, Manufacturing, Aerospace and Hi-Tech
  • Test Strategy creation and advisory role for planning, design and execution
  • Test Metrics, Dashboard and Reporting
  • Program management, Test management