ImpactQA’s staff augmentation IT outsourcing services are most suited for companies that staff internal technology teams and that want to augment their IT bandwidth with services of a high quality and a low relative cost. They are also very useful for companies that experience peaks in their software development requirements that exceed their average capacity and require outsourcing those services. For the duration of the peaks, ImpactQA deploys dedicated offshore software testing teams (traditional testing/test driven development/continuous integration) that can handle the additional work.

Whether you need to augment your QA team with proven experts, or are implementing new testing methodologies and need to bring your team up to speed or you have to adjust quickly to changing business requirements, we are there to help. ImpactQA’s Flexible Staffing solutions have been created with all your staffing needs in mind. ImpactQA brings qualified testing personnel to companies worldwide, allowing them to augment their current QA staff with field experts. We have an extensive pool of domain experts in the various disciplines of QA and testing. This enables you to start working effectively immediately while, at the same time, gaining expertise through ImpactQA's expert’s mentoring. With our Flexible Staffing solutions you can cut down your recruiting overhead in terms of time and money while ensuring quality.

We complement client's project team for a variety of roles, skills and experience levels. With our efficient processes, we help fill the resource gaps against client's requirements with quality resources, responsively, efficiently and economically. Our innovative techniques accesses the best talents on current skill sets, emerging technologies and next generation trends, this include:

  • Temporary Contract
  • Contract-on-hire basis
  • Full time employment

Key Benefits

  • Quality – ImpactQA only employs qualified personnel with a proven track record to ensure that you get the quality you deserve
  • Cost – Our Flexible Staffing solutions cut down your recruiting process. With the lowest overhead cost in the market at only 6% of the total cost, you get the best people and price.
  • Time to market – With a team of over 50 experts, ImpactQA is able to provide you with staffing solutions very quickly allowing you to deliver you project on time.
  • Flexibility – Our Flexible Staffing solutions allow you to adapt you team to suit your changing business needs.
  • Our testing resources, test analysts, are all ISTQB Foundation Level Certified Testers. We recruit and train the “cream of the crop” from our local colleges and universities.