The world has changed over the last decade and current market dynamics demand faster test cycles, improved testing efficiency, reduced time to deployment, and improved software quality at lower costs. High-quality testing requires meticulous planning, skilled resources, the right processes, effective tools, and a focus on knowledge management.

One of the ways to achieve that is Managed Testing Services model, which offers IT organizations a business-driven structured testing methodology, well-defined governance procedure, comprehensive documentation on test processes, standardized processes, and clear service level agreements. Outsourcing the software testing function to a MTS provider will enable organizations to focus on business development activities while concurrently ensuring significant improvements in product quality.

ImpactQA’s Managed Testing Services offer a full range of software testing solutions and services to help maintain stability, reduce cost and improve productivity. We collaborate with you to provide high-performing, cost effective testing solutions that help accelerate delivery, improve quality and enhance the support across portfolio of business applications. Our extensive experience produces tangible business results for our clients.


  • Improved test planning, management and governance that minimizes the risk of business disruption and better address your unique business challenges
  • Enhanced application quality and performance by identifying and fixing errors early in the application life cycle.
  • Increase speed-to-market for new applications and services with around-the-clock testing and automated processes
  • Reduce cost throughout the application development and maintenance life cycle.
  • Improve productivity through automation and innovative techniques like RBT, Exploratory Testing etc.
  • Predictable costs, managed by a core multi-skilled team that can be flexed up or down

Portfolio of Managed Testing services includes

  • Life Cycle Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing Services
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Test Process Consulting
  • Test Tools Evaluation and Recommendation
  • Test Automation Services
    • Test automation creation
    • Implementation
    • Support and Maintenance
  • Specialized Testing
    • Application Migration
    • Interoperability
    • Accessibility Testing
  • Performance Testing
    • Load Testing
    • Volume Testing
    • Stress Testing
    • Scalability Testing